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The Studio of Michael Rocchio Professional Singer & Teacher of Singing, LLC


Studio Policies


The Studio operates on a quadrimester (4 months) schedule and is conducted in much the same manner as study at a college, university, or school of music.


Tuition is $1,300.00 per quadrimester which entitles the student to a weekly 1-hour lesson during the term except when the studio is closed for holiday, or other, breaks.


Tuition may be paid in full, or in four $325.00 monthly installments. You will receive an email with your invoice and a link to complete your payment. Monthly installments carry the same financial commitment as paying in full. They are charged/debited automatically and cannot be canceled. Tuition is due no later than the 15th of the month preceding the beginning of the term, or no later than the 15th of the month preceding the beginning of each month for installments. A late fee of $50.00 payable in cash will be charged if tuition isn't received by the due date. A $25.00 fee will be assessed for payments declined for any reason.


Weekly 1-hour lessons scheduled for the same day/time ensure your steady progress. The Studio is closed for a one-week break each quadrimester. Whenever possible the break is scheduled to coincide with those of area schools since so many students are unavailable during that time.


As previously stated, select your lesson time thoughtfully to avoid conflicts. Arrive for your lesson on time, and ready to work. If you are late for your lesson for any reason it will end at the normally scheduled time. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late your lesson is subject to being forfeit. Without exception, no credit, make up, or rescheduling of any kind is given for lessons missed, or canceled by you. Initial: Should a bona fide emergency, or illness arise, you may sign up for the Swap List It is your responsibility to arrange a swap. If I am unable to teach, or cancel a normally scheduled lesson, it will be made up. 

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