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Hello. I’m Michael Rocchio. I’m a professional singer, and teacher of singing. It’s sobering to think that I have been singing for over half a century. Gifted with more than good fortune along the way, I’ve enjoyed amazingly wonderful musical and professional experiences. Fortunately, from the beginning of my music studies I enjoyed world-class training that has, and still serves me well as a performer and teacher. My bio will give you the details. In 2008 having come to a crossroad in life I made the choice to combine my talent, knowledge and experiences and pass them along. I opened my voice studio and began passing along the singing legacy I’d been given. I was the first voice teacher to offer classical singing lessons online.

There are many different methods of singing that have come, and fortunately, in some cases, gone. In my studio you will learn the ‘real deal’ - true Bel Canto singing. 

You will:


  • Understand the workings of your instrument

  • Discover your real, unique voice

  • Develop enviable tone, and true power without pushing, yelling, or, dare I say it, belting

  • Have a voice that projects even when singing pianissimo

  • Learn how to interpret, and artistically perform music and touch the soul of the listener

  • Open up new musical horizons for yourself

  • Improve your musicianship and polish your musicality

  • Develop the Performer’s Mindset

Ready to begin?