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Hello. I’m Michael Rocchio, professional singer, and teacher of singing. I'm a lifelong musician, and have been singing for over half a century.  I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed amazingly wonderful musical and professional experiences. Fortunately, from the beginning I've had the privilege of world-class training that has served me well as a performer and now as a teacher. (See Meet Michael for details.) In 2008 I opened my voice studio to pass along my accumulated knowledge, years of experience and the singing legacy I am fortunate to be a part. 

There are many different methods of singing that have come, and fortunately, in some cases, gone. 

In my studio you will learn the ‘real deal’ - true Bel Canto singing. 

You will:


  • Understand the workings of your instrument

  • Discover your real, unique voice

  • Develop enviable tone, and true power without pushing, yelling, or, dare I say it, belting

  • Have a voice that projects even when singing pianissimo

  • Learn how to interpret, and artistically perform music and touch the soul of the listener

  • Open up new musical horizons for yourself

  • Improve your musicianship and polish your musicality

  • Develop the Performer’s Mindset

Ready to begin? 

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