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Live online singing lessons, singing lessons with Michael Rocchio n St. Louis



No matter where you are you can learn great technique from a highly-experienced and respected teacher of singing.

I was the first teacher of classical singing to provide voice lessons online, and have had years to perfect the process. It works!


What is a LIVE Online Lesson?

A live online lesson isn’t a pre-recorded one size fits all program. It is a real-time, interactive singing lesson via the Internet.


Is an online lesson as effective as an in-person lesson?

Absolutely! And, thanks to rapid advances in communication platforms and related technology, it gets better every day. Michael has worked effectively with students located in the USA and around the world.

Do I need to audition in order to take online lessons?

Not an audition, but a consultation. If you are interested in studying online, complete the contact form. You will receive a prompt reply.

What equipment will I need?

With the advances in embedded computer cameras and microphones, peripheral equipment is rarely necessary.

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